Oral Presentations

ORAL presentation instructions (NOT E-POSTERS)  

1) The duration of your oral presentation will be strictly 15 minutes in total including any questions from the audience.  The first 10 minutes can be used to present your paper in powerpoint format and you must allow 5 minutes in the end for any comments/questions from the audience.


2) If you are attending the conference in person please be at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled presentation time in order to hand in your presentation in a usb stick in powerpoint format. You are strongly advised to also save your presentation online in case a problem arises with your memory stick.


3) If you are attending the conference online please check in advance your electronic equipment and ensure that your both your camera and microphone are working properly before you connect with Comecap 2023 on the day of your presentation.

Due to the unfortunate events our country has lately been experiencing and to ensure the smooth run of the conference in case of intenet connection problems of our remote participants during the conference, please prerecord your presentation in Mp4 video format with a maximum length of 10 minutes.  Send your video or a video download link to nkontogiannis@gmail.com after you have checked your video quality (adequate sound and image quality).  A lot of people are using WETRANSFER for example as video files are too large to be sent via e-mail. Please ensure that you name your video file exactly as the title of the paper you will be presenting. Video files must be sent until Thursday 21st of September 2023 the latest. Further information for online participants and ways of online connection will be available soon on the conference’s website www.comecap2023.gr.


PLEASE inform all your co-authors for their information.