Guidelines for Poster Authors


Due to the hybrid format of the conference, all authors should prepare an e-poster that will be displayed on-site on 55’’ monitors with full HD resolution (1920×1080) pixels and a widescreen ratio of 16:9.

The e-poster should consist of 1 PowerPoint slide (ppt/pptx format only) with a 16:9 ratio and should conform with a landscape orientation. The recommended font sizes for a proper on-screen visualization of the e-poster are:

Title of the slide ≥ 24pt
Authors ≥ 12pt
Affiliations ≥ 9pt
Main text & figure/table captions ≥ 6pt
References ≥ 4pt

  • To facilitate the timely upload of the posters on the platform, it is important to send your e-poster via email by 02/09/2023 to grougliou@tmg.gr
  • Your email must mention in the theme space the exact title of the final paper you submitted and the document you will attach should also be titled exactly as your final paper in ppt/pptx format only!
  • The screens will be connected to PCs and will have all posters available for presentation, so all conference participants can view any poster at any time during the conference.
  • During the Poster Sessions, the screens will act as poster-boards projecting the poster presentations of on-site participants for the specific session. Authors attending on-site should therefore be available by the screens to discuss their research.